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Destination Media Solutions is a digital media and marketing company that creates and operates custom-branded, ultra-local, multi-platform visitor information systems and channels for resorts, hotels and destinations in the tourism and hospitality industries. Running direct to hotel rooms 24/7, online, on TV, and in-hand on mobile devices, Destination Media Solutions’ dynamic, ultra-local visitor channels provide guests with relevant, timely information about the destination – where and when they need it – enhancing their stay and promoting local businesses and attractions.

Take a look! Watch the Overview Video for the Monterey Visitor Channel.

Destination Media Solutions’ customized and localized visitor channels, Localvision® networks, live webcams, and mobile apps provide Destination Marketing Organizations, sponsors and advertisers with a one-stop, multi-platform, highly effective method to reach direct to their target customers – visitors, combining extensive destination-focused content, compounding viewership, greater reach and lower cost for a rock bottom cost-per-impression.

Visitor Channels

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Running direct to hotel rooms, and across the globe 24/7, Destination Media Solutions’ dynamic, ultra-local visitor channels provide guests with relevant, timely information about the destination – where and when they need it – welcoming them, informing them, engaging them and connecting with them, enhancing their stay in the destination and promoting local businesses and attractions. more...

Visitor Portals

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Destination Media Solutions’ online destination portals utilize all the timely content developed for our visitor channels, combines it with extensive online video, local directories, feature stories, event calendars and much more, providing visitors with a wealth of inside information before they arrive – and as they plan to return.

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What people say...

[the Visitor Channel] delivers a powerful, locally-focused message to thousands of visitor rooms with one media buy.

Marketing Manager
Old Greenwood

Nice work on the Wine Tasting and Carmel Beach videos!...

Jeff Burghardt
Burghardt-Dore Agency

A print ad just doesn’t tell the fun story of our business. Our video captures the view and gives them...

Lauren Hickey
Waxen Moon

I’ve worked and stayed at numerous resorts, and SVTV (the Squaw Valley Visitor Channel) is hands down the best local...

Brian McCartney
Squaw Valley

What a lovely job you’ve done! I just knew that you would produce something with great quality

Stacie Johnson
Scheid Vineyards

We’re pleased to be part of this innovative media solution for Capitola and Santa Cruz. Reaching visitors with informative, timely...

Ted Burke
Capitola Village & Wharf

It’s great to be able to see what’s happening up there and stay in touch

Paul Ahern
Website User

The Visitor Network and Tahoe TV bring customers in our doors every day of the week

Elsa Corrigan, Owner/Chef
Mamasake, Squaw Valley

“These channels have proven value to our hotels and our guests.”.

Doug Phillips
Destination Hotels

Our video looks fantastic! Good job!

Anne Downs
Carmel Art Association



December 5, 2017

Live webcams are critical content elements for businesses of many types.