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The Lake Tahoe Visitor Channel - Tahoe TV

The Lake Tahoe Visitor Channel provides host properties and viewers (their guests) with a dynamic mix of complementary content – information that is authentic, relevant, timely, interesting and informative – specifically designed to welcome and  inform guests, engage them and get them interested – to enhance (and potentially extend) their stay at their lodging property and in the destination, including:

  • Branded destination content and programming.
  • Up-to-date local weather imagery, forecasts, and data.
  • Continuous listings of regional events.
  • Regional live webcam images (as available).
  • Seasonal Activities and recreation reports.
  • Channel Host Hotel Property Amenities – i.e: Spas, beauty salon, transportation, restaurants, services, etc.
  • Complementary content and localized, visitor-relevant video segments.
  • Shopping & Dining content.
  • Activities & Outdoor recreation content.
  • Attractions and points of Interest content.
  • Arts & Culture content
  • Special Event content Regional history content Transit/transportation content

What’s On The Channel

The video above provides an an overview of the channel and examples of the types of content that is mixed into the visitor channel loop. Entertaining and informative videos are intertwined with other timely content as noted above, including weather, live webcams, regional events, and more.

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Complementary Content 
Description, Definition & Exclusions

Complementary Content: “Forming or serving as a complement; completing”

It is the goal of Destination Media Solutions and it’s channel host property partners, to provide visitors to the destination, in the comfort of their guest rooms in participating properties, as well as online and on mobile devices with immediate, 24/7 access to a wide variety of dynamic, authentic, timely, information designed to:

  • Enhance their stay in the destination, and encourage active participation and experiences relating to the destination brand and positioning.
  • Inform them about happenings, places to see, and things to do in and around the destination.
  • Educate them about the destination’s heritage, culture, and fun activities and events.
  • Promote amenities, services and offers at the property.
  • Encourage extended stays at the property while in the destination.
  • Encourage return/repeat visits to the property and the destination.

In keeping with the above objectives, the Lake Tahoe Visitor Channel provides a select and semi-exclusive set of regional businesses, associations, organizations, locations, facilities and events an opportunity to enhance the visitors’ total experience by participating as sponsors and/or advertisers on the channel. The producers/operators of the channel have a distinct awareness of, and appreciation of the need for participating properties to maintain control of the information they provide to their guests, and limits content on the channel to fits into the description of ‘complementary to the guests’ experience and perspective’.

The content will be authentic, original and specifically and intentionally limited to those businesses, places, things, locations, events and attractions that that fall within the desired experience scope that we wish to offer to visitors.

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This [Guest Connect®] is so easy to use! Now I can really provide our guests with valuable information during their stay.

Madeline Ross
Marketing Manager, Granlibakken Resort

We absolutely love watching the sun rising over the lake and catching the trains passing through Truckee. Almost like being there. Best site on the net!

A. Santana Premium Member

I'm very pleased! We're excited to see people come in the gallery that mention seeing the video in their hotel.

Anne Downs
Carmel Art Association