Text-2-Connect Advertising Response System

"How do I know if my ads are working?"

"There's no effective way to track my ads for ROI."

Have you ever heard (or said) this before?

How do you create and measure engagement and response from your advertising?

This is one of the perpetual challenges for destination businesses, large and small.

In non-interactive media, like print advertising, radio and traditional television, when a consumer sees an advertisement the typical ‘catch-all’ or 'default' call to action is the website URL. And, typically this technique doesn’t provide either a) the user/customer with the immediate information they need; and b) the advertiser/business with real trackable results and measurement.

Having grappled with this challenge for years as digital marketing emerged and grew to it's current dominant state, Destination Media Solutions is now pleased to  introduce Text-2-Connect, a simple, yet highly-effective way to create a direct response mechanism and effective measurable results from almost any advertising or promotion.

What Is Text-2-Connect?

Utilizing a hybrid of existing, well-established and accepted technologies, Text-2-Connect gives advertisers an easy way to connect with consumers, directly and immediately, when their advertising message drives interest, and to deliver  relevant, useful, actionable information direct into the consumers' hands (literally) about the product or services being promoted.

The Critical Mobile Connection

Everyone’s got one - right in their pocket or hand (or close by), ready to be used when your message or offer strikes their interest. With a Text-2-Connect keyword in place, advertisers can provide and direct interested consumers straight to what they’re looking for - information about your business — all via their mobile phone.

How It Works

Text-2-Connect uses the overwhelmingly consumer accepted SMS Text Message technology, unique keywords, and custom-tailored online and mobile friendly content to take intrigued and interested consumers directly from your advertising message to valuable, actionable information about your business.   

1. CUSTOM KEYWORD: We create an exclusive Keyword for your business - something that's simple to remember and works with your brand.  When this keyword is text messaged by someone seeing your ad to our system address/number, it will deliver a programmable/changeable text message reply to whomever sent the message - on their phone. We custom-craft the message to deliver your potential customer a link to a mobile-friendly page where they can receive more information — a coupon, a map, phone numbers, menu, online ticketing link, etc.

2. CALL TO ACTION - We will work with you to create a call to action to run in your ad (in any media - print, radio, TV, billboards - wherever).

EXAMPLE CALL TO ACTION: “For menus, map, discounts and more, text "MYKEYWORD" to 245-87

3. ENGAGEMENT - Someone sees your ad and notices the "Text To Connect" call to action.
- They text your keyword, and are immediately returned a link or message to drive them to more information and connect to your business.

4. TRACKING- This text message action is tracked and not only do we get the potential customer engaged in your business, we also track and record the action and their cell phone number, enabling us to follow up with another text message, or even a phone call (for dining reservations for example).

Try It - Right Now!

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Endless Possibilities - Use it Everywhere!

The variations are nearly endless.  Text-2-Connect is a great way to do online/mobile coupons, offers, etc.

The auto-response message and URL or action can be changed anytime and optimized to follow your current campaigns …

Here are just a few examples:

  • Dining: Text-2-Connect delivers a clickable phone number to call for reservations.
  • Ticketing/Reservations: Text-2-Connect delivers the user to an online reservations system.
  • Directions: Text-2-Connect delivers a map to the business location.
  • Offers & Coupons: Text-2-Connect delivers a mobile-friendly coupon redeemable at your business.
  • Surveys: Text-2-Connect delivers a link to a mobile-friendly survey.
  • Watch Videos: Text-2-Connect delivers a link to a video - to play immediately on the smart phone.
  • Downloads: Text-2-Connect delivers a link to download… apps, forms, whatever…
  • Subscribe: Text-2-Connect delivers the consumer to a subscribe form.
  • Buy Now: Text-2-Connect delivers a mobile storefront for immediate purchases.
  • Watch Our Live Webcam!: Text-2-Connect delivers a link to watch a live camera from your business.
  • Timely Information: Text-2-Connect delivers road conditions, weather, updates on anything!

Benefits & Value

The value that a well-planned, appealing call-to-action and instant delivery via Text-2-Connect provides is far beyond what a typical campaign delivers.

Engagement - Build instant relationships with potential and existing customers.
Instant Delivery - Provide potential customers with usable, actionable information, immediately.
Contact Capture - Build a followup campaign using the mobile numbers captured.
Changeable Variations/Messages - Using the same keyword, you can change the message, and delivery elements at any time to reflect seasonal offers, campaigns, etc.
Use with Any Advertising - Text-2-Connect can be used for print ads, radio, billboards, rack cards, TV - anything!

Get Started Now!

A Text-2-Connect campaign can be initiated quickly - in a matter of hours if necessary.
- First, select a primary keyword.
- Then, create a campaign concept - Start simple. Provide appeal and value to increase engagement and tracking.
- Next, write the call to action.
- And... create/design a prominent way to include it in your ad.
- Finally... Implement the campaign…

Are You Ready To Start Making Your Ads Really Deliver?!

Destination Media Solutions is ready to proceed immediately with the implementation of a Text-2-Connect program for your business.

For more information, examples and to request a quick analysis of how Text-2-Connect can work for your business, please complete the short form below. We'll be in touch shortly.

We look forward to helping you drive more customers to your business!

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This [Guest Connect®] is so easy to use! Now I can really provide our guests with valuable information during their stay.

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We absolutely love watching the sun rising over the lake and catching the trains passing through Truckee. Almost like being there. Best site on the net!

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I'm very pleased! We're excited to see people come in the gallery that mention seeing the video in their hotel.

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