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Destination Media Solutions is a digital media and marketing company that creates and operates custom-branded, ultra-local, multi-platform visitor information systems and channels for resorts, hotels and destinations in the tourism and hospitality industries. Running direct to hotel rooms 24/7, online, on TV, and in-hand on mobile devices, Destination Media Solutions’ dynamic, ultra-local visitor channels provide guests with relevant, timely information about the destination – where and when they need it – enhancing their stay and promoting local businesses and attractions.

Take a look! Watch the Overview Video for the Monterey Visitor Channel.

Destination Media Solutions’ customized and localized visitor channels, Localvision® networks, live webcams, and mobile apps provide Destination Marketing Organizations, sponsors and advertisers with a one-stop, multi-platform, highly effective method to reach direct to their target customers – visitors, combining extensive destination-focused content, compounding viewership, greater reach and lower cost for a rock bottom cost-per-impression.

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